Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Can Do it Myself!

Dawson is going through the stage where he doesn't need or want anyone's help. They must have started letting the toddlers feed themselves during lunch time. Which is wonderful FOR THEM. But I get home and he's having macaroni and cheese and 90% of it is on his head, face, clothes and hands! This actually made me a proud mommy until it took me 5 minutes to clean him each time he eats. Really, it is pretty cute watching him dip his spoon in his bowl and bring it up to his mouth practically nothing on it and chomp away like he managed to scoop up the ocean and fill his mouth. Then he sticks his other hand AND the spoon in the bowl. Usually something from the bowl ends up in his mouth when he does that. Then when he's finished he takes both hands and smears his food all over the tray and smashes his vegetables. If I had known he wanted them pureed, I could have done that beforehand.

Sometimes he's willing to share his food with others.
As far as stages go, he's doing some pretty funny things right now.  When I went to pick him up at daycare after work, one of his daycare teachers was leaving and she said to me on her way out "Have Dawson sing E-I-E-IO for you!" I was stunned. Dawson doesn't know his vowel sounds yet! So I replied " what?!" And she told me that she was playing the Old McDonald cd in their room and in the middle of the song Dawson just busts out with EIEIO!I got him home after repeating it to him 100 times and never getting so much as a peep and he said it for me while he was in the bathtub! Then I decided it was time to break out the animal sounds. I said "Dawson a duck says quack quack. He says "ka ka" Wonderful! "Dawson a cow says moo moo" He says "mooooo". Stupendous! I'm enrolling him in kindergarten. Jason's mom Gloria is with him today. She is here visiting and they went out for lunch at McDonald's. Dawson was dipping his French fries in ketchup! Now where have I been? Both of us wanted to know who taught  that. I don't dip my fries in ketchup.
Ahh.. I think I'll teach him to dip his focaccia bread in olive oil. So ha!
He loves to sit on things. He just plops down.

Funny boy.

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