Friday, July 13, 2007


Dawson says "up". He doesn't mean anything by it. He just repeats us when we say it. I kept trying to think of other 2 letter words I could teach  him but none came to mind. Now how on earth is it that I can't think of a 2 LETTER WORD? No sense crying over spilled milk. I hear that quote once. Dawson has become a real daddy's boy. Jason has been the one dropping him off at daycare in the morning's over the summer because I have to be at work so early. Thanks to this little arrangement, Dawson has been known to sleep in until 8:30 on occasion! Love it. He was waking up around 6:00 a.m. That's the butt crack of dawn. Is that a little harsh? Jason and I always say it.
This weekend we'll be packing for our big vacation to Colorado. We plan to take a tour of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We all know, no vacation is complete without chocolate. I'm hoping they hand out samples. If they don't, at the end of the tour I'm going to stick my finger in one of the pans of chocolate.
That'll show 'em.

A couple of weeks ago I found this real cute robe for Dawson. It came with flannel pajamas.Despite the fact that it's 90 degrees out most days, I made him try it on for me.

These 2 pictures crack me up because I think Dawson looks like he's walking in slow motion off the set of a reality tv show after his big win.
He's big stuff!

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