Friday, November 30, 2007

Class Picture

Dawson got his daycare class picture taken a few weeks ago. I got a little nervous because I couldn’t be there to make sure he smiled, his nose was booger free, etc…
I went to visit him over my lunch break after his picture has been taken. The daycare director came up to me and told that pictures were being taken in the gym and while the toddler class was waiting for their turn, Dawson was running circles around the gym and the equipment! So she went and grabbed him and had them get his picture first because she was afraid he was going to fall and have a bloody nose or goose-egg on his head for his picture. Thanks Jan!
My first glance at this picture caused me to laugh out loud. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Dawson’s mouth. He’s biting his lip! I wanted to have the picture retaken but he’s such a cutie head and really, this picture is adorable and memorable. But he looks so big!
 This is Dawson’s class picture. Last night Jason held it up to Dawson and said “Dawson, where’s Evan?” And Dawson pointed to Evan (he’s his best friend in class). Then he said “Where’s Graceson” and Dawson pointed to her. He identified each toddler in his class! Maybe he’’ll be a salesman someday.

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