Thursday, February 28, 2008

JV Ski Trip

In case you can't tell, I'm making my way up the chronological ladder until I finally get to the pics of our SAN DIEGO trip.
So, without further ado, here are pictures of the junior high ski trip we went on just a few weeks ago in Michigan. Dawson was enamored with the charter bus we took up there. He kept calling it a school bus. Each time we got on the bus he valiantly proclaimed "I ride school bus."
We thought about letting him drive but he's still working on his CDL.
We actually strapped him in his car seat on the bus but he sat the whole time without being squirmy. This was also in part due to the fact that there are 2 tv's on the bus and we brought along the movie "Cars".
It was an overnight trip. The first stop was to a recreation center called Full Blast. Here are a few pics of the fun things to do there.
That's right. You can be like Steph and fall face first down an obstacle course. Or, you can be like the headless freaky guy... and I'm not sure whether this picture had a happy ending.
I don't have any idea what this contraption is called but thank you to my bff Steph for taking pictures and video of Jason while he tried it out. To this day I'm not sure why he tried because he gets sick riding any ride other than the ferris wheel in an amusement park. And even then it's touch and go.
I got to stay for about the first 1/2 hour at Full Blast and then I needed to get Dawson back to the hotel because it was bed time. For me. Not for him.
And now for the long awaited news on the actual skiing part of the trip. You may be wondering whether or not Dawson got to ski.
That answer is a big fat no. #1. It was well below freezing with the windchill factor. There was a boy in a group taking free ski lessons and his snot was freezing as it was dangling from his nose. I'm real bummed that I didn't have a camera so that I could've gotten a picture. Never seen anything like it. Really.
#2. I can't ski and what if Dawson ended up looking better than me?
#3. He was actually not feeling well, though he didn't show it much at the time. We have a friend, Holly who has been an awesome volunteer for campus life JV and also been a leader when we didn't have anyone during a short period of time before Josh came along. She doesn't ski, so she told us she would watch Dawson for a while so we could go out. That's Holly on the left with Steph.
Keep in mind that we were pretty much the first to arrive after driving there in near white-out conditions. The moment I stepped outside fully decked out in my ski gear, my nose hairs froze. I did have the ski instructor tell me right off the bat to send kids in for frequent breaks because they were already seeing the initial signs of frostbite. I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of frostbite.
I got to go out about 3 times during the full course of the day. All for one hour or less at a time. Of course I was starting to feel bad for having Holly watch Dawson so I encouraged him to take a nap. and he did...on the table. Hey, name one ski lodge that keeps a baby crib on site!!
All in all, it was a very productive skiing day for me. I learned how to ease myself off the ski lift without falling but only 10 bruises later. I did plow right over one of our jv kids. I still have a bruise from that. No kidding. And, I can do the Snow Plow like nobodies business.


Stephanie said...

OK....real cool! Show my face plant! I still say I could have totally taken you in that obstacle course!

Oh yeah, that headless man is Wyatt :)

The Bigelows said...

i WANT your header! i love the big picture and new look :)

The Flick Family said...

you're here! i thought you were gone and there would be no new blogs. good's going to take me a week to catch up! by the way, my daughter is now cawing with the crows on charlotte's web! :) have you seen charlotte? we have to watch it almost every day. am i a bad mom? but she caws with the crows now! so funny! don't blog about that b/c i am going to this weekend. ha!