Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

Everyone needs a child to do their work for them. Some parents call this phenomenon "chores".
On this particular occasion I was all suited up to go clean the bathrooms. I have to roll up my pant legs because I have to stand in the shower to scrub and I hate getting the bottoms of my pants wet. (It's a Cinderella story, really.) Well Dawson was following me around the house while I was getting my cleaning supplies and he kept tugging at his pants and whining. So I asked him if he wanted his pants rolled up like mommy's and he got all excited. So I rolled up his pants legs! He never did help me clean the shower... No chore money for YOU!
Believe it or not, Dawson actually ENJOYS running the sweeper. He even knows how to turn it off and on. Every time I get out the vacuum to sweep the living room or bedrooms, he goes and grabs the swiffer and sweeps right beside me. It's so cute.
Look! He kept going until we got to the top shelf! What a trooper.
And last but certainly not least... Put your things away!


Anonymous said...

don't worry, Dawson only picked up the really sharp knives once or twice until he realized that this was a "no, no". - Daddy

aunt diana said...

Awe - what an awesome helper! The next time you guys are up here, we're putting Dawson to work - Uncle Jeff needs lots of help cleaning out HIS garage! Yikes - now our girls will know that "chores" are work they have to do because Jeff & I don't want to - LOL!

Holly said...

Aw, can you have Dawson come over and teach Katie those chores??

jenn said...

too two should start a cleaning business. okay, maybe not as you would end up doing all the work. but i'd hire you...ha!

Dani said...

This child labor looks a little shady to me -- Can you say sweat shop? It is nice of you to thoroughly document everything for the feds.

Poor Dawson. Does he have blisters on his cute little hands?

Gloria said...

Ah, Mommy's little helper, how cute!

Grammy G