Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can I get a witness?

Saturday morning Jason left to go help some friends of ours move. So Dawson and I were left to ourselves most of the day. I just say that to state the fact that there are no witneses to this story other than me, Dawson and the good Lord

Dawson was napping, so I put in a Hillsong worship DVD to have some background noise while I read. The next thing I know, I can hear a little chatterbox in his bedroom ready to get up from his nap. I put him in his highchair and was getting his lunch around and Dawson says -and I quote- "Uh-oh Jesus!" I look up from what I'm doing and he is watching the worship dvd as the credits had just started rolling.

Now, I asked him to repeat it but he wouldn't.
Was he concerned for Jesus, that He wouldn't get anymore praise time because the credits had started rolling?

Several mornings ago I was getting ready to leave for work and Jason was getting Dawson situated in the car seat so we could head out. Jason said "bye-bye Dawson, love you". No response. So he tries again. "Dawson, love you.." Dawson emphatically yells out. "NO! I ride school bus!".
I'm not sure what the correlation is there.


Gloria said...

Ah, thanks for sharing these cute parenting experiences. Just wait, it's going to get better and better as little Dawson learns to share what's on his mind.

Anonymous said...

That's too cute! Brings back memories of things Briana, Kelsey & Kirsten use to say. It gets better, so be sure to keep track of all his little sayings. Hey, you'll have to check out my artwork on Bri's blog. Hopefully she'll keep it on there. I learned today that blogging is quite fun!

<>< Aunt Diana