Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flashback: 1977

Who was born on this day, March 13, 1977?
Jason David Wilkins.
That's who!
Who said the 70's were devoid of color?
I can't get over how much Dawson looks like Jason in this picture. Look at Jason's hot mama! What ever happened to that couch?

Take a look at that cake! I want a piece! Jenessa, is that you beside your big brother trying to hold him back from getting burned by his candles?
Somewhere deep down, Jason really was happy with his mounds of birthday gifts.

"Golly Gee Guys! Look what I got!"

Actually I want to take just a minute to point out the COOL blue drinking glasses in this picture. Jason got the wine goblet it looks like. He just turned 8! Break out the wine! Just kidding. But that cake icing looks real yummy.
Hope you enjoyed the stroll down birthday aisle.
Some of these pictures I had never seen!


Anonymous said...

31...yup! I'm officially over the 1st hill! I'm completely thankful for these 31 years I've lived so far. I'm also so thankful for my wife, son and family (dad, mom & sis)! And for the record...I never knew my dad wore high-pants! - Jason

Gloria said...

Yes, my little boy is 31 now! Hard to believe.

I am thankful for an awesome son, daughter in law, and grandson.

I am still Jason's Hot Mama!

Anonymous said...

I love you brother. I love you more than life itself. Happy 31! I'm proud of you! It's a good thing both of our hairdos changed, huh? I would look pretty sick bald...

aunt diana said...

It's amazing how much Dawson looks like Jason in some of those pics. Hey, I remember that 2nd & 3rd picture like it was yesterday. The 2nd one was at our Janke family house in Parma - and by the way, I never liked that couch cover, but my mom kept it there to keep the fancy furniture nice. Seeing that train cake cracks me up - that's a hard cake to forget. And for the record, that's me standing up (in the striped sweater) behind baby Jenessa - ya, I know, I was young & skinny. Gloria was Jason's hot mama & I was Jason's hot aunt - ha! Anyway, hope your birthday was great Jason - I can't believe you're 31! You're an incredible blessing to the Janke family! You, Joy & Dawson are loved more than you know!

Gloria said...

Hey Diana,

Did Dad prder that train cake?

Hot Mama

Gloria said...

Oops, meant to say ORDER

diana said...

Hey Gloria, I can't remember if dad ordered that cake or not. I just remember how unique and cute it was. Those sure were fun times weren't they? I miss all that!

Hot Sis & Aunt (lol)

The Flick Family said...

are you sure those aren't pictures of dawson? wow! :)

The Flick Family said...

are you sure those aren't pictures of dawson? wow! :)