Monday, April 7, 2008

Comb Over

I am loving this weather! No more windshield* factor, or snow. Blue skies, sunny. Bring it on.

So, not too long ago Jason was getting Dawson ready for bed after his bath. And much to my surprise, I come into Dawson's bedroom to see Dawson standing there looking like this:
Sort of a toddler version of Donald Trump eh?
Yeah. I'd cry too Dawson...

Dawson got into trouble today at daycare. Yep. I was told he got a t-i-m-e-o-u-t. (and you have to say it spelled out, like I have written here, because that's how she told me.) I had gone to see Dawson over my lunch break and Jan, the daycare director was in the hallway. I really like her. She's a sweetie. And she told me of Dawson's woes. She happened to be in his room, and I think they were getting ready to take them outside to play. But they had to clean up the toys first. Here is the following dialogue that ensued (per Jan):

Jan: "Okay everyone, let's get the toys picked up now."
Dawson: "NO."
*editor's note: I do everything I'm told. Obviously this is the devil's influence.
Jan: "Okay Dawson, then you have to sit right here on the floor until we are all finished"

So he did. Then he saw Zoe putting toys away so he got up and helped too. (I think she's his girlfriend). After I left I called Jason right away and filled him in on what bad parents we are.And how I guess we have to really start putting our foot down because I don't want Dawson to be the naughty one in the group. Although they did have a new girl who started working today and she had overheard my conversation with Jan. She said Dawson was too cute to be defiant. I agree.

But if it makes any remote difference at all, his new thing is telling people to have a good day when he is going bye-bye. ...


Stephanie said...

Your baby is SOOOOOO stinkin cute!

Anonymous said...

Awe - that's so cute! Dawson talks really good - most impressive!

The Bigelows said...

good thing that little trouble maker won't be in my kindergarten classroom....or i'd really have to set him straight in time out!

:) your son is adorable! :)

Angela said...

He and Addie will have fun talking to each other.:) (or just staring trying to figure out who the other is. :)

♪♫♪Briana♪♫♪ said...

Are you sure it's not you guys being a bad influence on Dawson?haha. It was prob. us. At least he's a cute disobedient boy!j/k And i got the border on the band pic. b/c it's a setting on my camera.

jenn said...

love the comb over...i think dawson has started a new trend! too cute :).

Kelsey Kakes said...

Awww...Dawson's such a cutie, even if he is disobedient...haha! just kiddin!