Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Don't Read This

We were at my dad's house the other day. He has a gator that Dawson loves to ride. Maybe it's because my family squishes as many people into it as possible and he likes that squisy feeling of comfort. I'm thinking we could challenge the VW bug squishers of the old days.
Bug vs Gator
My sister Karen holding Dawson with her son Corbin making a face that says I'm his favorite aunt, and my brother-in-law Tim looks bored. Perhaps he has learned that move from Dawson?
There's my dad's knees in the left corner! Didnt' want to make my dad feel left out.

Jason and I took Dawson for a paddle boat ride on my dad's 2 ft pond. It's narrow and short, but deep I guess. Not that I'd swim in it anymore. The fish are mutated I think.

Dawson! You are so HAPPY to be hanging out with your mommy!!

Of COURSE we let Dawson climb the ghetto sled! His favorite part is nearly falling to his death while getting splinters in his shins.

Bye Dawson! Enjoy your extremely fun, happy ride!

Watching my dad play "pound it" with Dawson always makes me smile. Perhaps I see a bit of the dramatic gene in my dad that I sometimes partake in?


♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

oh my goodness....i just LOVE your new header!!! its always nice to see something new:) now that im thinking about it...i want to make a new one too. only cause i easily get bored with having the same thing up on my blog for a while!! so is paddle boating fun? i really wanna try it!! why didn't you want me to read this?? lol. i think when im older and allowed to get a car, ill get a gator similar to that;) haha. well, maybe ill still go for a ferari (how do you spell that...i never know how...)

jenn said...

i love the new header too!!! great change, not that the old one was bad, just change is nice :). and i want a gator! i would drive it to work and home everyday! too fun! and maybe people would carpool with me so i can get that squished in feeling too. sounds like a great plan to me!

Sarah said...

Change is good... just roll with it. We can all roll... Don't worry about us. I like your new verse also!

Jonzi said...

Your son is adorable - however I'm sure you already knew that.

I tried saving the header but every time I went to save it as a JPEG, I click download, and nothing every happens.

Grammy G said...

Yes, the new header is awesome! I can't believe how big Dawson looks in the paddle boat with you and Jason. I just loved seeing him interact with Gramps too!