Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bed-head of Cheez-its

Dawson and his love for Cheez-Its
Dawson, did you just wake up?
Speaking of Dawson just waking up...
Ever since we've gotten the tree up, Dawson's favorite thing is for it to be lit up.
His way of telling us this is by saying:
"Mommy, turn on Cwistmas. Pwease."
Is that not adorable?
He's also formed a bad habit of falling asleep in our bed when he wants to nap.
Let me tell ya something. He's heavy.
Oh but I just remembered something else that he says that is too cute.
"Mommy, it too fit".
This is when something is too small. For instance he has a pair of pants I was putting on him the other day that were a little tight in the belly. "Mommy, it too fit". He didn't want to suck in like his mommy has to do to get pants on!
Jason is so proud of this cake he made and frosted.
My fingers are nearly frozen to the keyboard so I'm outy like Jason's belly button.
Leaving you with video of a funny boy.


aunt diana said...

That is a great laugh - I love it! What a silly boy!!!

ashley said...

uuu what's the cake for?! it looks yummy! :)

Grammy G said...

Cute Bedhead shot! I like how little "D" entertains himself...

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

i love that second picture...haha, he looks so mad! and that video just cracks me up....does he find amusment out of things that he could get hurt fracturing his butt? that even possible???