Monday, December 1, 2008

A Charlie's Angels Thanksgiving

By the way, that title is copyrighted, as I just made it up, yet I'm accepting offers to use it in a movie deal. Be sure to keep the figures in the 6 digits when you make an offer.

Can you believe I forgot to take a picture of my sister's centerpieces she had on our tables this year? Where was my mind? In my defense, I refused myself food all morning until it was time to eat Thanksgiving dinner and by then it was between 1:00 and 1:30. My mind cannot function properly without food. Which is the reason I could definitely work for the CIA because if I were ever kidnapped and tortured for information, they would never get the info they seek if they deprived me of food. And that is why I should work for the CIA. I've always wanted to you know.
HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG.
Whew. That actually took me a few minutes to get all those letters to look like a ransom note. If you are typing out your blog right now and you don't have the time for frivolous things such as that, I don't recommend it.
My brother-in-law David has never in the history of our Thanksgivings in his home, sat down to eat his dinner. He makes the food, makes himself a plate and eats it while he cleans up. I think he has never been diagnosed with ADD but I don't want to be the one to tell him that. He does a GREAT job on the turkey though! Do you see our delicious spread there? Very colorful, I might add.
Here's the T-Day family. In the first picture, my sister Karen's head was blocking out my mom. So I had to retake the picture. If you look closely, you can kind've see the beautiful display of centerpiece arrangements my sister Bobbie created. She's quite the Martha. As in Stewart. Not as in the Martha of the Bible, because she got chastised by Jesus. Jesus was very proud of my sister's T-Day centerpieces. He told me so.
Here are my Thanksgiving day cousins, nieces and nephews.
I was so excited to have my cousin Mikey with us this year. I never get to see him.
He's TALL.
Actually, we all look dwarfed compared to him in this picture.
Dwarfed. That's a funny word.
I was quite the picture taking nazi this year. So I made my bro-in-law and my sis let me take a picture of them taking a picture of me. And I was very bossy about it.
Me with my sister Karen.
As you can see by the freaky smile, turkey has an ill effect on me. Once it starts kicking in, I get crazy. Another good reason I should work for the CIA. If I'm ever kidnapped, tortured and fed turkey, there's a good chance I'll go all kung-fu on the enemy. And that's when the idea for Charlie's Angels pictures hit me.
"Let's pose for pictures Charlie's Angels style!" I said.
It was because at this time, the turkey had taken the sleepy effect on the rest of my family and they were all compliant with this request.
My sister Anita, Karen and myself.
Warning: The following pictures show an absurd amount of my Thanksgiving Day "I ate half a turkey" belly. You were warned.
It was getting my mom talked into the pictures that encouraged everyone in the household to be free, come forth and conquer. And stuff like that.
This one went a little haywire. Sorry Karen.
My niece Shadow, me and my niece Felicia.
You can plainly see they did not eat as much turkey as I did.
My niece Kazlan wanted in on the action, and I must say, I think she's the real deal.
The MEN were not nearly as compliant. But photogenic nonetheless.
By now, I'm all charlie'd out. And it's time for my mom's traditional T-Day play.
This one was about King David.
My bro-in-law David got to be king just because of the name.
That happened to me in 6th grade when I wanted the solo to the little orphan Annie song "Tomorrow" in our fall concert. And instead the music teacher gave it to my classmate named Annie! Go figure.
The nieces and nephews were servants.
Dawson was supposed to be a servant too, but he refused to keep the scarf on his head that my mom brought for him. Instead, he crawled up and down the stairs while my mom read the play.
My sisters were scared to talk this year at Thanksgiving, for fear that I'd blog about it.

So I challenged my sister Nita and my nephew Mikey to a game of fish, knowing full well that the picture would show up on the blog. So there.


Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

This made me soooo homesick for Bobbie's Kitchen!

In the last photo...what's that weird puffball, alien dough ball thing doing in the bowl of water on the table??

The Charlie's Angel thing was a did you come up with that?

Kind of surprised you didn't make everyone JUMP for the photo. I guess not with all the turkey, more thing...

One of the men in that picture is not a relative! Where did he come from? Who is he?

by Flick said...

so fun! your family looks like they have a great time together. love it. i miss you too. are you guys going away for christmas or staying home?

Gloria said...

Reading your wonderful BLOG and seeing all the great pictures and videos is something I look forward to on a dailey basis! It's part of my routine on my lunch breaks at work. Thanks so much for keeping up with it!
Ah, I love your family, your mom and your sisters are so sweet. So glad you had a great Thanksgiving with them.

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

is this your new thing....Charlie's angels??? seems like it=) haha. got your mom to do it too...haha.

ashley said...

what a handsome little fellow you have there....stylin in his argoyle sweater! :) looks like a great thanksgiving! :)