Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend at Grandma's.

The long awaited post of pictures from our time with Grammy G & Grandpa.
Unfortunately, you will see very pictures of Grammy G or Grandpa!
This is because I noticed that most of the pictures I took of them were taken on THEIR camera
What's to become of this world with people like myself living in it?
Not time for dilly-dallying.
First we have:
Grandpa asleep in a chair.
But this isn't just any chair.
This was Grandpa Dave's chair! And we never knew.. like father, like son.
To make up for what I just did by posting sleeping Grandpa in the chair...
Here he is coloring with Dawson:

I can now take it upon myself to embarrass Me.
I actually went home sick the day we left for Ohio to go visit Great Grandma Jean (Greg's mom)
I also had a huge canker sore on my tongue that caused me great angst and I couldn't eat.
Perhaps I was a bit cranky and displayed this for the camera.
This is Holly. G'ma Jean's bird. I am still determined beyond all reasoning to make that bird let me hold her. She is disgusted by all living creatures except for G'ma unless you are giving her popcorn.
Did I mention how cranky I was from being sick?
Well, crankiness makes me crave ice cream.
The ice cream we bought was Graeter's ice cream. The best in the world.
However, this is what what I found when I tried desperately to get my beloved chocolate chip mint ice cream from the box...Jason ended up digging it out:
Yes, I would like ice cream with my chocolate chunk please.
I would also like to add that ice cream further irritates canker sores.
But even after all that, nothing beats the sweetness of a napping Dawson:
This actually reminds me of pictures we have of him when he was first born, asleep in his crib.
Sadly, I guess we took no other pictures with our own camera except for the following few before we left:
Great G'ma Jean & Dawson.
By the way, if she were named something like Linda, Dawson would have struggled less differentiating between G'ma Jean and Grammy G.
All picking their nose:
which made Dawson mad. Only he is allowed to pick his nose apparently.
Ahh. happy times.


♪♫♪Briana♪♫♪ said...

Awww....every time i see pictures of Dawson it makes me more excited to have kids one day!! And he is soo well dressed!! Man, i'm gonna have the cutest, best dressed lil boy one day! Hey, good thing by the time i'm married & have kids Dawson will be there will be no competition between us Joy!!lol :)

by Flick said...

love you! miss you! need to see you! when?

Grammy G said...

Ah, Grammy G & Grandpa Greg really miss Dawson and you guys! Great pics. At least you were "fair" about postng some yucky pictures of everyone!