Friday, May 1, 2009


Mayday. Get it? Because it's May now?
On my way to work on Monday I had Dawson with me as usual. The only difference to this drive now is that recently the sun is coming up for the drive. I'm not driving in the dark hoping beyond hope that a deer will not see my car and come out to greet my front fender. Now, in the light, I can see the deer if it comes and then I have the choice if I want to hit it or not. Not a bad deal.
On this particular Monday, Dawson was in the backseat chattering away. The sun is making it's debut, only there is no way of blocking it from our view. (hey, that rhymed! debut-view, look at me and my bad self.) I can't even pull my sun visor down because that won't block the sun from my eyes either. Dawson's car seat is situated in the very middle of the back seat in the car. So he gets the light of the sun in all of it's glory right smack dab in his eyes when he's in my car. Obviously this was bothering him quite a bit because I could hear him whining and grunting his displeasure every so often, when finally he was fed up. He yelled out:
"Mommy! Turn the sun down!"
I couldn't help him, and I explained that to him and his response was
"But the circle is following us!"
At least he knows his shapes.
Isn't he funny?
Take a look at what he was doing with his little storage container Jason made him to hold all his matchbox cars:
Maybe he needs glasses because look what he did a few days later with my water bottle:

Recently, I found him wearing his dad's shoes:
Don't even get me started about that Hulk shirt he's wearing. Oh. My. Word. If he is not within sight of this Hulk shirt or his spiderman shirt, he has a total unquenchable breakdown. You would think I'm holding him hostage complete with torture in the event that I need to wash those shirts. One day, Jason took the stinky, dank Hulk shirt out of the dirty clothes and let Dawson wear it because he couldn't deal with meltdown. And Dawson was none the wiser. I don't think his smelling senses are 100% developed yet.
Oh speaking of smelling, I have a funny story I want to dedicate to my sister Anita, who told it to me.
This is my nephew-Anita's son, Mikey:
On Easter, we were sharing funny stories about our children. She recalled a time when Mikey was Dawson's age and they were headed down the road somewhere and from the backseat Mikey pronounced:
"Pee-Eww Mommy, I smell SNUK."
He couldn't say skunk.
I love that story.
Several weeks ago I decided to make a cake. This has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I wanted to share the pictures of my creation:
I think this was taken before Jason gave up coffee.
On an ending note, Dawson has several sticker books which he loves. And sometimes catch him doing this:
Better this than a tattoo. He has to wait until he's 5 for one of those.


The Robbs said...

Mayday, that is so smart. To bad I already used that line in my monthly letter.

Also where did you get that Hulk shirt, that is one super hero I don't have, mybe I could borrow it from Dawson sometime

Grammy G said...

how funny about turning the sun down and that the circle is following us... my grandson is so smart!