Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Sniper.

How do boys learn to play with guns? I need to know. Is there a gun fairy? Does GI Joe come to them in their dreams and teach them the basics, including sound effects? GI Joe-Are you kinda ticked right now that I called you a fairy? Stop bothering Dawson in his sleep.
Dawson climbed into my sister’s SUV, which has a sunroof, grabbed one of his nephew’s toy guns from off the seat and started shooting us down like we were the enemy.
Man your stations!
I have the target in sight!
Wait! It's my mother!
All that said, perhaps I shouldn't share last night's prayer:

Thank you for my bed
Thank you for my pillow
Thank you for the window
Thank you for my toybox
Thank you for Iron Man
Thank you for my Hulk movie
Thank you for my Spiderman movie
Thank you for my talking Dinosaurs


♫♪Briana♪♫ said...

awww!!! i think Dawson is my most favoriate kid EVER!!! (until i have kids that is...of course!!)lol i love reading these cute lil stories about him!!! :)

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

haha....Dawson's prayer was just precious!!! or was that yours?? you only said "last nights" prayer....never whose. lol. and that picture of dawson hanging out of the car with the gun....he almost looked evil!!! don't ever let him hold a REAL one;) lol!!!!!