Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deep River Water Park

Last Thursday Jason took a group of kids to Deep River Water Park. Since I’m the wife of the person in charge, that means I get to go too. And since Dawson is the son of the person in charge… sometimes we bring him along. If he’s good the day before. And eats all his green vegetables. And recites all 50 capitals of the United States.
The morning started out COLD. Do you see how I was able to animate the word cold by making it blue? It’s almost as if you can feel the word. I consider myself a literary artist. The morning was cold. Cloudy, and it looked like rain at any moment. The optimistic types like myself, thought by the time we got to the water park the clouds would roll out and the sun would appear. Indeed it did not. My teeth chattered all the way to the bathroom to change into my swimsuit and I had instant goosebumps but I was not going to ruin the day for Dawson. Dawson couldn’t wait to get his little toes into the frigid water. First I took him to the kiddie area to play where I walked around in inch deep water on my tiptoes and Dawson plopped right down on his butt like it was bath water. After about 5 minutes the lifeguard on duty in this area had pity on me and told me the water on the other side of the park was heated. HEATED? I said, quite dramatically. That was all I needed. No more kiddieland cold crap for me. Jason had to watch the staff bench while Dawson and I tiptoed through kiddieland so we waited until his shift was up and then headed over to the other side to play.
These people are lying scammers I tell you. If they thought this water was heated, it’s because they have no functioning nerve endings. I set my mind to going back over to the lifeguard to give her a breakdown of the word “heated”. But I was too lazy. Instead, I went back to the staff bench and ate handfuls of tootsie rolls until the clouds rolled away and the sun burst forth in glorious abandon. Then I got hot, and the tootsie rolls melted enough so that I could chew them without breaking my molars. It was turning out to be a good day after all.

Here we are, waiting patiently to get into the park at a group rate.
This is the "heated" side of the park. Liars.

This is Dawson running scared of the frigid 10,000 gallons of water being dumped from the bucket.
Speaking of which, at one point Jason held Dawson and stood under that bucket while it was dumping 35 degree water on their heads. Dawson cried.
Dawson loved this little frog slide

Dawson and Jason playing in the wave pool which wasn't turned on.
"See mommy, 30 degree water's not so bad."
Eventually they did turn the wave pool on and Dawson got bullied by waves.
Didn't that lady realize she was in the direct line of my shot?!
Oh.. Is somebody cold and tired?
Okay so all in all, I prefer a sunny warm heated warm and really warm water park.
But still a good day.


Gloria said...

Ah, love the pictures. Dawson's lips are too blue... Cute bathing suit Joy!

ashley said...

OH that water park looks delightfully fun! where's it at?!?!

♫♪Briana♪♫ said...

awwww!!! i miss going to waterparks!! :( Did Dawson's swimming lessons pay off!?!?haha :)

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

awww.....that video of him on the water slide is so cute! and i love how he was preoccupied with the water comming out of the gutter thing. haha. you guys have to visit us again soon!! or is it our turn to come up there??