Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being Thankful

I love Thanksgiving. Not as much as I love Christmas, but who doesn't love food?
I would love to hear a story of a family Thanksgiving that something didn't go wrong..
Are you with me?
We had planned on eating at 1:30. We ate at 2:30. Is there any family out there that plans on eating at a certain time and actually does? Send me a comment. I want to know.
We had a problem turkey.
I do deserve to be proud over that nice looking green bean casserole though, don't I?
In the meantime, I discovered that Jenessa and I had the same pair of socks on, only reversed. Obviously that was an important picture moment.
Jason mashed our potatoes:
And Dawson kept us entertained:
Soon the table was set and I snuck a roll with butter because I was starved.
We put all the food on the table. I loved that feeling. Back when I lived in Indiana we used to have my whole extended on my mom's side have Thanksgiving together and we had to get in line for the food set out like a smorgasbord. Nice, but not homey. I like homey.
I like to eat. Before: Clean Plate
Yeah, I know how to clean a plate!
Grammy G had a little story to read to us about corn and Dawson got to interact by holding up a piece of candy corn and then eating it. I don't like that profile shot of my nose.
Dawson made that hat in daycare.
And we all know what happens once the triptophan kicks in:

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Jess said...

So true. We planned to eat at 2 and ate at 6. And turkey still was a little "light" on the doneness factor. All that did was keep us snacking all day to stave off the hunger so we were even MORE full after the meal. Oh well!

Love all of your pics- Dawson's hat is so cute!