Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is what you get, don't throw your fit!

That is the chant that Dawson came home with from daycare this week. Man I love his dayare. How did they know that he throws a fit when he doesn't get what he wants? It's almost like they live with me. Now, on to more important stuff like my massive bicep in the picture to the right. Yeah, I know you were all checking that out. This was the first time Dawson had ever fallen asleep in a chair. Not that I was squishing him or anything. He looks perfectly comfortable. I, on the other hand, had a butt digging into my hip bone, and my red pants were screaming for oxygen. But Dawson sure looked cute all curled up. I'm not quite sure why I have a look of absolute disgust on my face. It's not like I was able to use Dawson for an arm rest or anything. I kinda feel bad for having Jason take this picture now. Poor Dawson, he probably woke up with a headache and a pain in his neck. Oh well, I still think he looks cute.
Moving on.
Jason and I recently discovered something that Dawson does when he colors and we got video of it to share with all of you. Happy Day.


aunt diana said...

Awesome coloring job Dawson - way to go:)) He colors better than some of the kids in my 1st grade Sunday School class @ church (seriously). How cute w/ sticking his tongue out when he colors. Kirsten use to stick her tongue out whenever she would write stuff or work on making a craft. Heredity?

Gloria said...

Jason used to scratch his nose all the time when he played piano... or maybe he picked his nose, can't remember. Hopefully he DOESN'T do that NOW!