Saturday, March 10, 2012

Evan & Dawson

One of the first questions we get asked since having Evan is “how is Dawson doing as a big brother?” I’m not going to answer that question. Just kidding.
Dawson is the most amazing and loving big brother we could have ever been blessed with. He constantly asks to hold Evan. He gives him kisses and wants to lay by him. He’s not fond of how loud Evan cries though. Tonight he made the comment that he doesn’t like it when Evan cries because “he can’t hear himself think”. Pretty mighty statement for a 6 year old. Dawson is always willing to help out. He comforts Evan and grabs his pacifier because he knows it will make Evan happy. Now if I could just get Dawson to nurse Evan…

This post is really told in the pictures so I’ll end this one with the comment Dawson made last night. He didn’t know I could hear him, so it made me cry because it was the sweetest thing ever. Dawson was lying beside Evan who was in the middle of us. I was reading to them. While I was getting out a new book to read, Dawson leaned over and whispered in Evan’s ear: “Always remember that I’m your brother.”

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Aunt Diana said...

You guys have done a good job raising Dawson - no wonder he's so super sweet!! Great pictures of Dawson and his little bro. So glad you're blogging again:)