Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Inmate

Evan has this outfit. We think he looks like a prisoner when he wears it.
Of course, if prisoner garb were fashioned after this model, and had
 "Mommy's All Star 36" there would probably be a lot more people wanting to go to prison just so they could wear the jumpsuit, you know? 
That is the end of the segment that has anything to do with the title of this post.
This is my cat Subito. She lives with my mom.
Speaking of my mom..
My sisters and I have some great ideas. Like the time we thought it would be fun to take a dish towel and pull each other on the slip-n-slide, because there was no hill to propel you down. See how fun it looks? And then. I had another great idea.
Let's pull mom on the slip-n-slide!
She liked it.
This is me back before children with highlighted hair. Seriously, I have hair issues. Are there hair counselors?
 On this day, September 22, 2006:
Dawson got his first tooth.
Okay. So there's a slight chance that the tooth didn't sprout to the surface on this day. Only slight. But it was the day I noticed and tried to take a picture that didn't caputure the actual tooth. Maybe I should have done an x-ray.
                      Let's end with a side by side. Dawson & Evan:

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