Monday, October 29, 2012


8 months ago, right after Evan was born, I made these grandiose plans to send out  the following Welcome Announcement. However, that never happened. Therefore, if you would consider yourself to be on the mailing list for this welcome announcement. Please, feel free to print the announcement and mail it to yourself, and sign it "Kind Regards, The Wilkins". If you do not consider yourself to be on our mailing list then, save yourself the stamp.
Now. Because I have been forthwith about the whole welcome announcement ordeal, I can go forward and let you know that I JUST recently purchased the CD that had all of Evan's professional newborn photos on it. For one thing, it was stinking expensive. For another I now own the rights to all of them and it is absolutely not illegal for me to post them all here, which is what I'm going to do. Right now. So without further adieu, here are the missing photos for all to see-straight from the archives!
Isn't he cute in color AND black and white?
In case you were wondering, the hat came from the hospital. They had Jason pick a hat for him out of a box, and none of them in there would fit his tiny head other than this one. I love that hat. It's in his keepsake box. It now fits on his big toe.
The outfit he's wearing is not a preemie size, because we didn't know he was going to be a preemie size. I mean especially with how much weight I gained!
We have this picture (above) hanging above Evan's crib in the nursery and it's on our mantle over the fireplace. I mean Dawson is everywhere else. So.

I love his cute monkey booty!
Aww this picture (above) is one of my absolute favorites. I wish I looked as cute when I sleep. Maybe I'll try getting my picture when I sleep tonight in order to see.
I think this picture makes him look bigger than he actually is. By an extra 1/2 inch, at least.
Happy Newborn Picture Publishing Evan. Love you.

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