Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family Pictures: The Sequel

Who knew it could be so addicting to have your family pictures taken? I mean, at this point I would have them done at least once a week.
 We are ALL smiling!
Fast fact for the day: I went and bought the outfit that Evan has on about an hour before we went to have the pictures taken. I'm spontaneous that way.
 Evan appears to be focused. As though in one minute, he's going to let go of my hand and leave me in the dust. I don't think he knows just how fast I can run.
 Evan loves being outside.
 Dawson and I were skipping. I don't have anything else to say about skipping. But my hair is really into it.
 "This is crisis control, now calm down. If you turn around, you can crawl down from the couch. Everything will be okay.
    Dawson was not thrown into the pond. Just fyi.
 I flip Evan and he likes it. Just the way my sister did to me when I was little. Only I don't drop Evan.
 Yeah. I can't flip Dawson.
 But I can make him fly.


booksaremyrealities said...

You have a wonderful family:)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with that flying smile!!