Monday, December 16, 2013

Toddler + Trouble = Mess

What lays before you is a progression.
A progression of trouble. 
This toddler of mine can go from room to room in rapid succession for the sheer art of making a mess.
The living room. He realized he could get into the drawer of the entertainment center.
 Dawson's bedroom. He climbed up on a stool and grabbed the fish food which he proceeded to dump all over Dawson's bed.
From the family room to the kitchen with love, from Evan.. where he didn't play with toys. He just got them all out and scattered them, like wheat being planted in a field.
And then he managed to snag the tongs from the dishwasher. 
While I was grabbing the Desitin, he was grabbing the baby powder. We already know what happens when the baby powder is within his reach. 
 And just the other night he had a whim to help mommy by removing all of the dish towels and dish rags from their drawer and placing them in the kitchen sink.
We certainly haven't forgotten the trouble he gets into in his own bedroom.
In actuality, we are finding that the most troublesome habit he has formed is removing his socks. Especially while he's in the car and it's -10 degrees outside which is precisely what happened the other night when we went out for dinner.
We searched the Jeep inside and out looking for one of the socks he took off. When I could stand it no more due to the lack of heat, I told Jason we had to give up and get inside. Suddenly, I was struck with an idea. And we were able to go in and eat our meal in peace.
Yes. My bright pink glove makes a suitable sock.

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I love this kid!!