Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Moment to Ramble

This is the face of a child that wants you to think he's never in trouble. I'm pretty sure Jason took this picture right after the innocent one tried flushing my toothbrush down the toilet.
Okay. So I'm pretty certain he wasn't trying to flush my toothbrush down the toilet, but he does unroll all of the toilet paper when he's in the restroom and that's the business of a trouble maker.
I made a tent for the little innocent one the other day. 
Let me tell you something. If the Israelite's had to use chairs to make tents, I imagine they would have never lasted as a nation. Carrying around chairs through the dessert and then the need to place them just so, in order to have the appropriate distance for the pink blanket to hang at the correct level. I'm not saying if I was an Israelite building a tent with a chair that I would have defected or anything. But I might've asked God if I could have poles. Or maybe an inflatable tent. Fully furnished.
Once the tent was assembled and the blanket was hanging at the level needed for Evan to be able to sit in the bean bag and watch the movie we were all set. His movie of choice has been "Mee-mo". a.k.a "Finding Nemo". As a matter of fact, he's been asking to watch/watching that movie so frequently recently that today I pulled a fast one on him and snuck in the movie "Cars" while we sat and waited on Dawson in the carpool line at school. He wasn't nearly as interested in that movie so my sneakiness back fired. But at least I didn't have to find Nemo.

When Dawson was Evan's age, he used to be terrified of the tractor tipping scene in the Cars movie. I had to say that in order to have a proper transition from speaking primarily about Evan to Dawson. 
And this is Dawson building something with Evan's Duplo Lego's. It must be a plane but I'm too distracted by the mess on the floor in Evan's room to take the time to investigate the Lego concoction.
A few days ago, I decided to take some selfies with the boys. When I say boys, that actually ends up meaning only Dawson because Evan wouldn't sit still long enough and Jason was too busy flipping through songs on the stereo system much like you do with a remote and a t.v.. Actually, that drives me crazy because he won't ever allow a song to play through in it's entirety. He starts the song, listens to the first 2 minutes and then decides to move on to the next song. I'd call that CD ADD.
Back to the selifies.
I'd say my teeth could use a little whitening. I'm not sure who taught Dawson bunny ears, but enjoyed the implementation of them.
The above picture makes my freckles seem invisible. I wonder how I accomplished that. I didn't donate them like I plan to someday.

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