Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Snow Day

Yesterday brought us snow. 
If I could make that sentence any more exciting, I would.
I can't be snowed in for long or I drink too many cups of coffee and then I jump around the house laugh maniacally. So we took the boys sledding at a nearby park.
This is the first time the boys have gotten to go sledding since last year because we basically had spring this winter. A common misconception about Colorado is that we get snow year round, when actually we have about 300 days of sun a year. I'm charging for the next Colorado fact I feel compelled to give.
Jason thinks sledding backward is best so that when you crash into a kid and send them flying you're not held legally liable.
It was actually so bright outside I ended up taking a few pictures of people I didn't know thinking they were my family. 
 I heard Dawson continuously mumble something about foam and when I took the time to investigate I could see that there's a slight chance he could use a new pair of ski gloves.
 Then I caught Evan chomping away at a snowball.
I didn't stop him from this endeavor because he's so addicted to juice boxes I figured he could use the natural hydration.
 I got some action filled shots of Dawson sledding.
And then a selfie.
 And I wanted to document the least favorite part of the sledding experience. The walk back up.
 Evan was quite bossy about sledding. He would point to a specific spot on the hill and tell us he wanted to start there and then we had to turn the round sled (which was the only sled he deemed fit to sled on) until he said "stop" so that it was facing the correction direction when he was ready to sit in it. A round sled.
 Jason had to go chasing after Evan in the other sled to ensure Evan did crash into the fence at the bottom.
 That's the last photo I took of the sledding time because I got bored. And also I was afraid the random people I kept getting pictures of would think I was a stalker.
So we went home and Jason made us homemade hot cocoa which we had to drink with petrified mini marshmallows and then Dawson went up to his recording studio to continue work on his Lego review videos.
The best part of the day though was that it was the release date of Rogue One. So we ended our day watching it.
 Also. I'll confess to asking so many questions during the movie that Dawson got annoyed enough with me to show me that the book he's reading has a table of contents in it that he asked me to memorize. Problems.Solved.
I ♥ snow days.

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