Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This Funny Kid of Mine

Okay, both of my kids are funny. 
But if you sing "This Funny Kid of Mine" to the Tune of "My Funny Valentine"... it works.  So.

Dawson got a camera for Christmas from his grandpa. As a result, he has taken pictures as well as videos of random things. He has also started a YouTube channel which I just can't bring myself to talk about right now because at any minute he will say "Mommy, I have another video for you to load" and I'll break out in hives. It's a lot of work for me, him having a YouTube channel is all I'm saying. 

One day as I was saving pictures and videos from his camera to my laptop, I came across the masterpieces I've decided to include in this blog post.
Sometimes I'm a busy gal. This means that all manner of shenanigan's can occur at any moment by either or both of my children. Many times the boys have asked to ride Evan's old crib mattress down the stairs. This is not a new form of entertainment, am I correct? Because I've talked about similar things before. When they've asked, I've always let them, until the last time they did so resulted in a tearful Evan telling me that Dawson rode over his foot with the mattress. (I've never let my children go up front at church to the altar and ask for prayer for these things after they happen.) 
That being said, Dawson had the great idea of talking Evan into donning his bicycle helmet so that I would let them ride the mattress down the stairs again. I agreed. This is because I'm an excellent mother and great role model.
Surely it was at this point that Dawson asked Evan if he was ready.
And then he went.
And then it was Dawson's turn, with commentary.
That's actually all I have to say.

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