Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Huckleberry Finn

My little cutie muffin had taken his socks off and he followed me into the bathroom. So I scooped him up and rolled up  his pant legs and sat him on the sink just for fun. My very own little huckleberry finn.
Then he wanted to turn the water on, but once he saw himself in the mirror he was enamored with his own good looks. Then he saw the hair dryer. Huckleberry Finn's are not allowed to play with hair dryers while sitting on bathroom sinks.
So playtime was over and I had to get some socks to cover those Huckleberry feet. Of course when he got down he wanted to play in the toilet. So I just had to resign myself to removing him from the bathroom altogether. Once he learned to spin the toilet paper roll, the bathroom became off-limits until he's potty trained.

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