Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Two remarkable events have taken place in Dawson's life.
  1. He has said his first word: "uh-oh"
  2. He has taken his first 2 steps.
I had noticed lately that Dawson was saying "uh" the prefix to "oh" a lot. (how do you language buffs out there like that little word "prefix"? Nice huh?) So yesterday Jason was holding Dawson and there were playing tug-o-war with a straw and I started saying uh-oh and Dawson imitated me. Then Jason did it and he imitated him.
Dawson has been daring and adventurous lately. He will hold on to a table or something for balance and let go for a split second and stand all by himself.  This morning I was dropping him off at daycare and rather than sitting he stood for a few seconds and took 2 steps toward me. The he plopped to the ground and crawled over to something else. His teacher and I were freaking out and clapping. He thought nothing of it and went about his m merry way. I'm not ready for him to walk yet. sigh. 

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