Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The ZimmerMEN...

Amy and Bryan are friends of ours from our small group bible study at church. They have triplet boys that were born 3 months too early. Bryson, Drew and Cody. For the longest time the babies were kept in the hospital and were finally released to come home just a few weeks ago. They are all on monitors, though we hope that at least 2 of them will get to be taken off soon. Our small group decided to try and help them out by taking shifts over the weekends and staying with them to help feed babies, do laundry, dishes or anything else they might need. Jason and I have been going over there after church on Sundays. Bryan is deaf but he can read lips really well.
We actually enjoy going over there and helping out. I love babies. In the picture with me and Cody-the pack I have over my shoulder is actually the monitor bag. It's hard work because you have to take that with you anytime you move a baby. I don't know how Amy and Bryan do it. But they are wonderful parents and we love them. As you can see in the picture below, Jason made us lunch while we were there. Good job hon.

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