Friday, January 19, 2007


Dawson got new Toy Story pajamas. They have Buzz LightYear on them. He does not care about them. Quite frankly, I can put anything on him and he doesn't care, except for his winter hat. He hates wearing his hat when we go bye-bye. We hold it on his head until we get to the car and then when we arrive at our destination, we usually find his hat thrown across the back seat. But I was talking about his cute pajamas so let's get back on topic. What else is there to say about pajamas? He wears them to bed...
Okay new subject. I have noticed that Dawson is talking more. Especially when he's really upset. When he's crying I scoop him up and make him cuddle and he goes on and on about his problems. Most of the syllables come out in the form of "da da" and I usually tell him I know it's not all da da's fault.

I think this picture says "aww shucks guys, I'm not that funny".

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