Friday, January 19, 2007

Robinson Crusoe

Speaking of pajamas....
Jason had a hole in the knee of one of his pairs of pajama pants so he decided to just go ahead and rip the whole thing off at the knee. Because he liked the result of the first leg, he did likewise to the other leg. Then, being the funny guy that he is,  he jacked up  his socks and put on slippers and called himself a pirate. I, on the other hand, told him he more represents Robinson Crusoe.
Speaking of pirates...
Since many of you know how much I absolutely love Pirates of the Caribbean, I was thinking my sister Bobbie was on to something when she dais I should go with that theme for Dawson's birthday. Get the eye patch, the wooden leg, teach Dawson the accent-the whole 9 yards. Where did that phrase come from anyway, "the whole 9 yards". Anyway, now that Jason is all set with the pirate garb this should work well.

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