Friday, January 19, 2007


Dawson’s walker converts into an off-road Jeep Rubicon complete with independent front suspension and portable dvd player. No mud flaps. We won’t let him take it outside. See how he grips the roll bar? That’s our boy! He’s not nearly as thrilled about riding on his little car as he is when it’s a walker. But maybe once he can get his feet coordinated enough to push it himself he’ll perk up a bit. I just can’t wait until we finally get moved into our new house and he’ll have so much room to play he won’t know what to do. That, and he’ll finally have his own room to be banished to when he’s naughty. Okay, so maybe not that. But I really am excited that we’ll have a kitchen table with chairs to sit at and eat dinner. Last night we sat on the floor at the coffee table to eat and Dawson crawled over and kept slapping Jason’s steak. Dawson! Don’t slap daddy’s steak!

Vroooom Vrooom!

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