Wednesday, January 17, 2007


 I have to wonder... what qualities will Dawson take from his mom and dad? Will he pick up on his dad's gift of timing? ..."Hey, how's your rash?" (as we just step onto the elevator.) Or will he be musical like both of us? Will he be loud and obnoxious like his mom? What qualities will he have that will be all his own? One thing I know, that the most important thing to me is for him to have a heart that loves Jesus.

When I was pregnant, I used to play worship music on the mp3 player Jason got me for my birthday and I would stick the headphones on my stomach so that Dawson could have a little jam session of his own. I should have had an ultrasound during those times! Sucking his thumb in praise... Oh and I hope he likes to read. I love to read, but Jason... not so much. I can read about 3 books in a week while Jason starts about 10. And most of those are laying on the floor on his side of the bed.

At least we know Dawson will be cute like me.

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