Monday, March 5, 2007


A few weeks ago I decided to make Dawson his first batch of scrambled eggs for breakfast. I had been thinking of different kinds of finger foods we could start introducing so that his mealtimes wouldn't be so boring. Speaking of which, if you have any suggestions other than eggs let me know. He did eat some! But I don't know how much he liked them. I made them again a few days ago and he was eating them up like candy. I think it's because of the new house. The lighting makes them look more appealing. And of course, now he has his new highchair.
 Thankfully, he's been feeling much better and he's been much happier these past few days though he's still waking up once during the night. He falls right back to sleep when we go check on him but we still don't know what that's about. Yesterday Dawson was in such a giggly mood. He has started terrorizing our new coffee table. (You'll have to ask Jason his story about getting those put together, by the way.) The coffee table has a glass insert that can actually be lifted out to be cleaned. Dawson crawls right over and smiles and slaps the glass like it's nobodies business. He just stands there and slapping and smiling and looking at us and slapping and smiling. Then he goes and gets one of his cars and thinks he's going to add an extra bonus to the noise he can make... oh no you don't kid. The buck stops there. So I have to get out my stern voice. "Dawson no." sigh.

He also found his shadow yesterday. Quite funny. He was waving at his shadow. the shadow waved back and we got it on video.
I'm so ready for warm weather.
Hello? Warm weather? This is Joy. Where are you?
I'll leave you with some random pictures of Dawson...

If you'll look below, Dawson doesn't know what to think of discovering my nose. I realized I needed to trim his nails.

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