Thursday, March 1, 2007


In addition to the many wonderful things Dawson can do, we can now add that he waves and says "hi" as opposed to "bye-bye". I say that this makes him an OPTIMIST.
He even said hi to my mom on the phone the other day! Though he didn't wave when he said it that time. Mom didn't wave either I don't' think.

 He also got his first haircut a while back. We decided it was time to cut his mullet. We were tired of braiding it. I actually didn't get a picture of his very first haircut, I forgot! But I did save some of locks for his scrapbook. Then, when Jason trimmed it again a couple of weeks ago, I took pictures. See-he likes it!

AND he also got his first forward facing car seat finally. This is the FIRST one he had. But we couldn't get the strap to tighten up the seat belts well enough to get him securely fastened in. So we took it back and got the one I originally wanted to get. The only part I don't' like about him being in a front facing car seat is standing outside to strap him in. Especially if it's cold or raining. Both of which are happening TODAY.

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