Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Who needs the Mona Lisa now that we have digital cameras? I mean if I were Leonardo and had a digital camera rather than a paintbrush I'd have deleted that picture. Come on Mona, is that all you've got? Show me those teeth. Sport me a big smile to show all my peeps. This picture is going to be looked at for years!
Jason has been getting into photography and he's getting really good.
I don't think I have the imagination to look at something and see a different angle. How much of our relationship with God is that way? "This way is right because it's what I was taught when I was 3. There is no other perspective". If you have the time, use it to read an article by Walter Beuttler called "Knowing God as Friend". It's worth the time it takes to read it.
 Jason took these pictures of Dawson with black and white film on 35mm camera.
Remember those? I remember the excitement I would have when I got to go pick up a roll of film that got developed and I couldn't remember what pictures were on it. Hey! Look out MONA! Dawson just had HIS picture taken!

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