Monday, March 26, 2007

My Baby is Growing Up

 My sister Karen burned us a cd with a bunch of pictures of Dawson on it. Some of the pictures are from last summer.  I was looking at them and I'm just really amazed at how much he has grown and changed. For one thing, I don't remember him being that chubby!
Then today was the worst. The daycare had been telling me for a while that now that Dawson is walking, they'll probably  be moving him up to the one year old room. Which is fine.. I thought... I dropped Dawson off at daycare like usual. His teacher wasn't around so I dropped his stuff off in his room and took him to another teacher and left. I went to visit him over my lunch break and he was in the one year old's room laying on a cot with the teacher patting his back because the whole class was taking a nap. She said he wasn't asleep yet so I said "hi honey" and he perked right up and crawled into my arms and cuddled, sucking his thumb. I couldn't stay long today, so I cuddled him for a while and gave him back. Then on my way out I talked to another girl who said he did a great job today with the one and two year olds. They went outside to play and he was afraid to walk in the mulch. Then he tried to eat it. I was just all of sudden overcome with emotion. I kept myself composed and left and when I got in the car I sat there and cried and cried. He's too little for the one's and two's classroom! The will walk on him! Why can't I be a stay at home mom? This is how I felt when I dropped him off at daycare for the very first time when I came back to work after my maternity leave. And I imagine it's how I'll feel the first time he gets on a school bus to head to kindergarten.
I think I need chocolate.
Dawson, if you have to grow up, could you at least take your time?

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