Friday, March 23, 2007

Time with Grandpa

While we were in the process of moving, Dawson got to spend lots of time with Grandpa Greg. he helped us out tremendously with moving and getting things put together once were all moved in. AND he spent on LONG day with us choosing furniture. "I like this couch"..."No! it looks like a wrinkly grandma" "I like this one... NO don't like that color"...
Speaking of the house... I love our house. This spring we'll paint and get started on the landscaping. Our grass is in pretty bad shape. When we step on it, it cries. It's all brown and gangly looking, in the spots where we actually have grass. Our grass is balding. Balding like an old man. Can you get a toupee for grass? I want our grass to look like Ernest Angley.

We actually don't have much left to do and that's exciting. We need some medicine cabinets. And I'm worn out from looking at matching towels, wash rags and rugs. And I've only been to two places. There's really nothing glamorous about towels and wash rags. Think about what you use them form. But I want to match! Be festive! Get in the Better Homes & Gardens magazine!

Here are some pics of Dawson and I on our new sofa and love seat! Microfiber!

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