Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Love Trucks

Last night I had two books picked out to read to Dawson before bed. "I Love Trucks" and "1,2,3 by Elmo". I clearly have a misunderstanding as to the cognitive development of choice in 14 month olds. I started with the I Love Trucks book. I tried reading slowly but the book a board book and it's only 5 boards long! Dawson was all relaxed, sucking his thumb and staring intently at he trucks from page to page. I finished and moved on to the Elmo book. Wham! Dawson slapped that book and sat upright, grabbing at the trucks book. "Elmo who?" he said. (not really, but that little embellishment is really adding to the quality of my story). So I went back to the trucks book and he relaxed again. Then, for good measure and out of pure ornery curiosity I cut the trucks book short and quickly tried for the Elmo book again. REJECTED.

Sorry Elmo. IN a contest, you would be run over by Dawson's truck.

Here is what happens when DADDY reads to Dawson...

I think he may need to use a little more inflection in his voice. Nevermind the puppet on Dawson's head.
Moving on...
Several weeks ago when Dawson was sick, Gramma KK came stay with him so that he could stay home and Jason I could still go in to work.
Thank you Gramma KK! Funny how much attention will do for a sick boy. By the way, a spoon full of sugar does not help the medicine go down. It causes ADD.
This picture is solely for the purpose of having a memory for Dawson.
Dawson: when you are tired, you do one of two things.
or This.

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