Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm sad to say that we had a difficult Easter this year. We received sad news that Jason's grandpa Dave (also known as papaw, or paps) passed away early Sunday morning. We had traveled to Dayton over the holiday weekend to visit him while he was in hospice care. He was on a breathing machine and was not awake. But we still talked to him and let him know we were there.
We will miss your version of show tunes and your one-liners Grandpa Dave. Now Jesus gets to enjoy them. :)

Dawson didn't get an Easter outfit or even an Easter basket this year. There was just too much going on. However, I did need to run to the store to pick up some stuff to make punch so I bought him a "barrel of Monkeys". If I could have, I would have made this Christmas outfit of Jason's be Dawson's Easter outfit because I was laughing so hard when I put it on him I nearly peed. Jason was 9 months old when he wore it and we put our little haus in it at 12 months! At least the buttons didn't pop off.
Our Easter was still meaningful despite the circumstances that could have taken our eyes off the One who deserves to be lived for on that day and every day. My mom always does Passover and that is a tradition I have come to love. A lady who came to join our family dinner asked us if were Jewish. My nose looks like I am.

I love you Jesus. Thank you for dying for me and not ending it there.
You rose again.

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