Friday, April 13, 2007

Matzo boy

I wanted to get a few more pictures posted of Easter. As I said in my earlier post, my mom  
holds a Passover seder. Well, I'm addicted to the matzo crackers. I'm unselfish in my addiction though, I share the love. Eat up Dawson.

Here is a picture of mom doing the Passover meal. Before the Passover festivities began. 

My sister Bobbie donned some bunny ears and posed for Easter magazine with the children.

I have to tell one of the highlights of our Easter. We were all gathered around the table just chitchatting. Obviously the kids were through with their meals. Out of nowhere here they come dressed in their dads sweatshirt and running pants 
stuffed with pillows. We all just busted up laughing. The real kicker for me was when Kazlan fell down. She couldn't get back up so she started yelling "CLEAN UP ON AISLE ONE!". oh man. How'd she think of that? I still laugh about it.

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