Monday, April 16, 2007

The Long Trip

Last week we took a road trip to Dayton, OH for Grandpa Dave's funeral. I have since learned that Dawson is not particularly fond of road trips. He did well before he could walk. Now he whines because he doesn't want to be confined to his car seat. He did fine when he was sleeping though.
It was really good to get together with family. And now that we're back, we miss everyone. I actually got to meet a few cousins I had never met before.
Dawson did puke on me once after the funeral. Where was daddy? He hasn't been puked on yet. I was puked on twice this week. That didn't get Dawson down though. Puke and go. He got to spend some quality time with Grammy G, Grandpa and Aunt Nessa!

 There was so much going on, Dawson had trouble napping. He took one good nap on our bed in the hotel room. Jason and I couldn't stand those pillows. Go ahead Dawson, you can have it.
And one last look at my NEWSIE!
Posing with Aunt Jen.

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