Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do we really need groceries?

Last night I went to Wal Mart. It was just me and Dawson. I had to buy groceries.

Now, have you ever gone to WalMart and heard the screaming baby?. The one whose cries are heard through every aisle, and shoppers roll their eyes while some others think "gosh! do something with your kid"!
Yes. That baby was Dawson. All through the store.
WAH. (did you notice the emphasis I put on the "wah"?) Trying vehemently to escape from his shopping cart prison seat.

Have you ever seen the desperate mom who will do anything to get her screaming child to be quiet, so she grabs the snack she is planning to PURCHASE, opens it and shoves it in the screaming baby's hand in an attempt to bring peace to the shoppers around here and save her own sanity?
That mom was me.
I had to give Dawson 3 wagon wheels during the whole course of the shopping experience. All the while I'm running the cart down the aisles like a drunk woman on a shopping spree. Not that I've ever seen a drunk woman on a shopping spree. But I bet it'd be funny.

All in all, thanks to my shopping list, I have at least one week's worth of meals and all under the amount you would pay for a new car.

Next time..
It's DADDY'S turn.

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