Friday, April 20, 2007

Shape Up!

I decided to resurrect a couple of my old workout dvds a while back. One of which, is The Firm Cardio Sculpt. Tough workout! Anyway, during my workout Dawson was determined to carry the weights around. These weights were only 3 pounds but I actually didn't believe Dawson would be strong enough to lift them. Guess I was wrong. He tried grabbing both but after several attempts gave up and came to the conclusion that one was enough.
Have a look at our first rainbow! 
A month or so ago, while God was poking jabs at the meteorologists, we had a rainy day. My sister Karen and her husband Tim came over with the kids to see the house. The kids were outside playing and they came running in shouting something about a rainbow. So we went outside to see for ourselves and not only is there one rainbow, but it was a double rainbow! God will not flood our neighborhood twice!!

 Sometimes I can talk Jason into giving Dawson a bath while I make supper. On this particular occasion I hear Jason yelling at me to come see Dawson and bring the camera. This is what I got:
 That's right. It's Dawson G. Fro

And here are just a few random pics..

Dawson and Daddy on the patio.

Believe it or not, he actually likes being in there.

Naps with mama.

And these last two pictures are examples of the swaddling method for one year olds.

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