Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Tale of the Tire

Meet Dawson's new best friend. Tire. Come along as I take you on their journey together...
Jason bought a green jeep for Dawson. This jeep was sweet! It had 4 wheels! As we soon discovered, all of Dawson's toy matchbox cars he had were mysteriously breaking. I'd find car doors, tires and pieces of Dawson's toy cars laying around. So I'd throw them in the trash as I found them. However, I noticed that the jeep was still in tact, all except for 2 tires. I found one of the tires laying in the bottom of his pak-n-play. The other tire I found in the palm of his hand. He had this one tire that he would carry with him everywhere...

It came with him for lunch and dinner. He would sit at his high chair and scream and carry
on for his food (nothing short of pounding his fists on the tray chanting "I want food, I want food) unless THE TIRE came out to play! So I'd have it on hand as a back up just in case his filet mignon with au jous and asparagus was not ready. And he would sit and be quite content in his highchair making his "vroom vroom" noises while rolling tire across his tray until I presented him with his meal. Once the meal was consumed he would usually be a mess.
Then.. it was off to the bathtub.

Now for heaven's sake. The bathtub? I don't argue with him. Sure Dawson, you can take the tire with you.
Actually, he will still play with the tire but he doesn't carry it around like he used to. Now that he has taken a liking to his "I Love Trucks" book, he carries that around and jabbers while he walks. Too funny. What a cutie. What will it be next? Probably a Wii.

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