Thursday, May 3, 2007

Baby Talk

Tuesday morning while I was getting ready for work, I could hear Dawson just jabbering away as he was walking down the hallway. Soon, he arrived in the bedroom and was telling me "Ba da dada boo dao da?" I wanted to make sure he knew I was listening so I replied "Bo da dee ba boo boo da da." And Dawson starts crying and walking over to me with his hand raised wanting up!!
What did I say?

Dawson loves being outside. He cries when he can't go out and he cries when he has to come in. Last weekend Jason and I were working out in the yard. Jason was watering the grass and I was watching Dawson push his walker around pretending like he was mowing. Well he saw Jason drinking water from the water hose. So he goes walking over and Jason offered for him to try it. And he did! Then Dawson just starts sticking his hand in front of the spigot and the next thing we know, he is covered in water from head to toe. The water was actually kind of cold so I was pretty surprised he was enjoying it so much. He would feel the water, have a shocked look on his face, and then want more. And here's a picture of my little sleeping rock star...

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