Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dawson's One Year Pictures

Last weekend we took Dawson for a one year photo op. He woke up that morning whiny, coughing and sneezing but we already had the appointment and a very cute outfit picked out so I determined he would be HAPPY. ON the way to Ft Wayne I asked Jason to quickly stop at CVS so that we could pick up some cough medicine for Dawson to help him out so that he wouldn't be wheezing during the pictures. I ran in, bought the medicine and realized it's the drowsy kind. But I had already opened it and when I asked the lady at the counter if I could exchange it, she said I could but they did not have the kind I wanted in non-drowsy! Ugh. So I gave it to him anyway because I didn't want him tot have snotty pictures. WE get there and have to wait for quite a while until we're told it's Dawson's turn. So far so good.He was running around the photo store like a Tasmanian devil. We encouraged him to smile for the pictures but at this point all he wants to do is play with the equipment or props set up around the room. Just a little grin Dawson! I even brought him an extra really cute shirt with a vest to change him into. But to no avail. Needless to say we were VERY lucky to get these pictures. We threw him a ball, squeezed a rubber ducky and yelled his name in the happiest way possible until we were ready to pass out. He sure is cute though, isn't he? He forgot about his coughing fit and sneezing spasms. The big problem came when it was time to choose the pictures. Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking the time to choose them, otherwise we would have left Sears in the negative on the happiness radar. Dawson got grumpy so I had to strap him into the stroller and make the Sears appliance section (attached to the photo center) look like a child wonderland. Oooooh Dawson! Look! A refrigerator! Don't' you wish we had one like that? ...

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