Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Cousin Joe Got Married

Doesn't that sound like it should be a movie title? Viewing the good looking people in these pictures, you'd think it was a movie. 
This past Saturday, the 26th, we drove down to Cincinnati (this was the night before we locked ourselves out of the house) to Joe & Terri's wedding. The wedding was in the evening so we started out around noon. We planned on driving back that night after the reception though so we knew to stock up on coffee, no worries. This picture is Deb and her husband Steve -Joe's mom and dad. 
Deb is my 2nd cousin's dog's owner's best friend's daughter. Okay, Deb is my first cousin.  (happy Karla??)  Though I don't have a picture, Joe has a brother Josh. I grew up with Joe and Josh and when we were little Josh made up a new word- "Donnlywashore". Joe and I
particularly found this word to be intriguing and we laughed a lot about it. We have abbreviated to spare ourselves strength and started calling each other DW. (not realizing of course, that is now Dawson's initials). Life is grand.

This picture is my Aunt Iney & Uncle Chuck (Joe's grandma/grandpa). They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the day Jason and I got married.
Speaking of anniversaries, my sister Bobbie got to come to the wedding. She and her husband David were celebrating their anniversary!

How many years has it been Bobbie? (purely random: they had a cat named Fletcher that lived with Jason and I and he lived to be 21 years old!) I didn't know that Bobbie was going to be able to make it to the wedding. This made me very excited. Excited enough to get my picture taken with her.
Poor little Dawson got pretty wiped out by the time we made it to the reception. And boy was it an AWESOME reception. Decorated so beautifully and they had a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!
The last few pictures are random pictures of me with Joe and Bobbie.
Congratulations Joe and Terri!

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