Wednesday, June 6, 2007

BIG small

While Jason's dad was here visiting we noticed the huge difference between how small Dawson is and how big we are. (especially Greg's feet) ha!
I thought it was crazy how small Dawson's little sandals looked, sitting there right by those big shoes.
Later I looked back over there at the shoes again. I never saw Dawson over there playing but I found his masterpiece. I busted up laughing. Guess he really loves to stack things.
Dawson got new Superman pj's. Complete with cape. Isn't he cute? Only thing is, he can't fly. We let him try jumping off the kitchen table. I think he butt was too heavy and his cape was too tight.
 He also has a refrigerator magnet farm set. He got it for his birthday from Aund Diana. Well, FARMER TAD is the frog button at the top. When Dawson pushes farmer Tad, the little voice says "Hi! I'm farmer Tad! Listen to my banjo!" and plays music while Dawson dances side to side and shakes his booty. He has on more cute pajamas in these pictures.

Sometimes he pulls other magnets off the fridge. This particular magnet he is holding up to his ear and talking into it like a phone. He always does that with our cell phones.  He holds it way back behind his ear. And if someone is talking to him he doesn't know what to do. Although one time he said "hi" on my sister Karen's voicemail when I was leaving her a message so she has it recorded. And that's all the ramblings for this post on this day. Buh-bye now.

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