Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mommy's Little Helper

Several weeks ago, we finally bought a nice basket to keep in the living room for Dawson's toys. Dawson walks over to the basket and throws his toys out. 

Huh! Being the neat freak I am-of course I'm going to have to use this as a teachable moment and begin showing him how to put ALL HIS TOYS BACK IN. So he works with me. 
Later that evening I was doing laundry. 

Dawson kept wanting to walk ON the clothes instead of around the clothes. After I finished getting it all put away and got Dawson put to bed I went back to the living room and started cleaning up.
Look what I found in Dawsn's toy box:
My socks and underwear! I guess he did learn from his teachable moment earlier that day. He really is my "mini-me". He even wears my shirts.

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