Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's Grammy G. Time!

A little over a week ago, Jason's mom Gloria got to come and spend some time with us for a week. This is a photo journal of some of the fun things we got to do while she was here...
Much to Dawson's delight, she bought him a pool! It's a little small for a jet ski.
So we gave him bath tub toys instead.

We walked to the Avilla park so Dawson could show off his playground skills. Swinging and going down the slide are his specialty. Why do plastic slides have so much static? I kept getting shocked, so I let Jason take over that duty. Gloria's favorite thing to do while she was here was going to Amish country. She went to Shipshewana 2 times! She once with my mom where she bought this Amish grown rocking chair.
They got a good taste of raising children in today's world. For each stop they made, they had to get Dawson in and out of the car seat and manage getting the SUV of a stroller (complete with time and temperature gauge) out of the trunk. I remember the days when I would ride in the back window of the car! The second time she went to Shipshe, Jason and Dawson went. Dawson was a big boy and rode the carousel and he even sat on the horse all by himself. Jason said he was pretty serious about the ride though.

Gloria said the sign says "KEEP OFF".

Here's Dawson and grammy G enjoying a fruit juice popcicle.
Fun times with grammy G!

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